Our Approach

Inform and Inspire

We carefully choose our network of women mentors and partners, as well as our activities, to inform the girls with career content and business tools that is tailored to their needs, and to inspire them with external role models and benchmarks, whether it is through access to real work environments or through the rich experience sharing with their mentors.

For each enrolled student, TechMuses provides school activities and 4 to 5 individual mentoring sessions throughout the academic year. The school activities create the opportunity for all mentors and students to meet, play and learn with games inspired from business tools such as negotiations, story-telling, etc. The mentoring sessions are co-defined by the student and her mentor. They both agree on the content and the goal of the sessions; TechMuses provides guidance, framework as well as logistics with the school.

Our Partners

TechMuses partners with schools and organisations in the UK to jointly identify different career paths and curriculum, and provide practical information and inspiration to female students until Year 11. Our partners believe in encouraging students to pursue their own interests and to explore different options. They understand the role that experienced women mentors can play in enriching the personal development of each student and value the learning of personal skills on top of academics.

Secondary Schools:

Schools that are focused on developing the future careers of their students; for instance those with robust extra-curricular activities such as computer science programmes or entrepreneurship workshops. So far, TechMuses has been working with Year 10, before the GCSE, to ensure students are equipped with the relevant information to make their decisions and plan ahead. We are open to work with another year if your school finds it more appropriate.

Corporate organisations

Organisations that are focused on increasing women participation in the workforce and creating a solid continuum with the community and children; for instance, those hosting coding workshops, “day-at-work” events, or providing scholarships for female or minority students. 


School events

Every year, we organise 2 school events, in Autumn and before the Summer holiday. The school teachers are heavily involved to make sure the events are a success each year.

All students enrolled in the programme and all mentors are invited to participate. It is the opportunity to meet the students in a more relaxed setting, mingle with other like-minded women (and men), and learn in team with the students new skills to apply at work, at school or in personal life.

Over the past years, we have created activities such as business pitching, negotiation or story-telling…

Partners’ events

We wanted to thank the organisations who kindly accepted to host TechMuses students and make the time to show their work and inventions, and share their expertise.

“Day-At-Work” @ UCL Structural & Molecular Biology department

Coding Day @ PA Consulting Group

Raspberry Pi Competition 2017 with PA Consulting Group

Every year, PA Consulting Group organises a school competition to create a technological innovation using the Raspberry Pi. In 2017, 4 teams joined the competition thanks to TechMuses. The aim of the competition was to “create innovations to help improve the lives of people who have conditions that limit their ability to do things the rest of us take for granted”.