Our Vision

At TechMuses, we see a world where every girl is unlimited in achieving her dreams and fullest potential. Our mission is to increase the proportion of young girls entering careers where women are traditionally under-represented, specifically in technology, sciences and business.

At TechMuses, we believe that this can be achieved by informing and inspiring through a combination of experiential learning and mentoring. We identify and discuss the breadth of careers available to the girls and provide practical information about the different curriculum. We also make a point to support the development of personal skills and confidence in the young girls.

At TechMuses, we are motivated by the urgency of giving back. All our mentors have faced the same challenges whether at school, at work or in their environment. Their successful career and strive to push new boundaries provide students with inspiration and guidance for their own future.

Our History

TechMuses was launched in 2014 by Lynn Yap, Vinita Chhay, Asoka Dissanayake and Paula Dantas. The business school friends owe part of their career success to being surrounded by confident women and role models, as well as an immeasurable support network as they were growing up. Through their personal journeys and as they rose through the ranks in their careers, they came across women who were discouraged from pursuing their dreams or simply had not developed their interests in a particular field further because “it is not something girls do”. They often experienced the same feelings themselves and realized that the lack of women in senior roles across all sectors could be tackled further up the funnel, through building confidence in girls and sharing experiences and stories from role models.

Led and run currently by Lynn and Vinita, TechMuses is an organisation with a charitable purpose and has evolved into a strong partnership with the Gladesmore school in Tottenham, UK. Building on that success, Lynn and Vinita are working on expanding TechMuses to more schools.

Our Staff

The team at TechMuses is small and mighty. We are all volunteers and energised by our vision and the ambition that each of our individual and personal experience will help achieve success. 

If you believe in our vision and would like to be part of the inspiration of the girls' future, Join Our Team